Friday, March 28, 2008

Work and Play

I've had my days off this week, so that meant getting more work done. Hoffmeyer's frame is coming along. I've got a few miters done now; one and a half more and the front triangle will be set. But before I finish up the last bit, I've got to braze in the H2O bosses and the top tube housing stops. That way, any slight deformation of the tubes from brazing those in, will be accounted for when brazing the frame together. I've also got the new dropouts all spec'd and angles figured out for the chain stay miters. I'm using "breezer" dropouts this time around, which ends up putting the stay spacing a bit wider than typical, and makes for a stronger joint. (things this frame needs to handle this guys' record for being hard on equipment) I haven't used these dropouts before, so we'll see how much I like them for future use.

Here's a few pics of the miters: (I don't know why, but there's something sexy about a hand mitered joint.)

I also finally got my fork jig, top tube/seat stay jig attachment, and disc brake tab fixture! I will say, even if he does occasionally misplace an order, Don Ferris (owner and one of the two tooling machinists at Anvil Bikeworks) makes some damn nice frame building tools. It does take a good while (as he hand machines and proofs each tool), and it does cost an arm and a leg, but they really are nice. So next up after Hoffmeyer's frame: A disc brake fork for "Brownie" - my single speed disc braked townie.

(Note: this fork is not actually assembled, I just threw the parts in there to illustrate how the jig worked)

The top tube holding attachment mounts right up to my jig.

Then it flips over to be a seat stay holder. No more spoke and cable rigging for keeping things in place!


Marc said...

I don't know if I would describe a miter joint as "sexy." Good to see you are making progress.

TeamSeagal said...

I know that I would call a badass tool "sexy." Well, maybe not - I think it would depend on how much it costs, and if I can sleep with it or not.

wait... Am I still talking? Where am I?

-C. Ryback

Sandbox said...

hmmmm... that stereo in the back of the fork jig picture looks awfully familiar

FelletBrazing said...

I don't know what you're talking about.

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