Friday, November 21, 2008

Report IV: Sparking one up

After a visit to the doc last week, I still don't have bone connection. But he gave me the all clear to start going on easy rides, and putting a little weight on it. Still no mountain biking, or heavy lifting. But oh well. Should be connected in another four weeks from now.

On the plus side, the frame building is back and going. I've done most the miters, finished the lugwork, bent the fork blades. And the big news, I sparked up the torch for the first time in months, and brazed in the fork dropouts. It makes me smile doing this again. Also, I'm not as rusty as I was afraid I would be. They actually turned out pretty well. On the down side, it's already the time of year that my fingers hurt from cold while I'm torching in the garage. Geez, I missed out on the fall.

Holy lugs:

And, as always, more pictures on my flickr site.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Report III : Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well the last couple of weeks seems to have gone well. Every day I can move my arm more, and it feels less 'disconnected.' I'm back to doing repairs in the shop, and have even started riding to work again. I don't know until I have my next appointment how much the bone is/has grown back. So for now, I'm putting most of my weight on my good arm. (which is kinda weird with the balance) And man, after two months of doing nothing more than the average American (walking to the car and the bathroom) the five miles to work and back is a good hard ride! After a few days, I felt like I was training hard again. My legs are sore, and I am wiped out. Not only that, but the last time I was on a bike, it was hot. Now lately my lungs are burning with dry thirty-something degree air being shot down my chest. I don't know what you people did to the weather, but I want my fall transition back.

But the big news is I have finished my first (post crash) miter! It went a little slower than before, but at least it went. This bike is going to be a classic lugged road frame and fork for my old friend Mike in Florida. Should be quick enough to be a fun zip to work, but comfy enough to ride all day. I've also finished my race wheels that I was going to use for the 12 hour at Burnin'. It's cool. Next year awaits.

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