Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going to NAHBS

In case you haven't heard: This year (this weekend), NAHBS is coming to the mid west. While I'm not quite ready to get a booth, I will be attending to meet some of my favorite frame builders and suppliers face to face, and go to some of the seminars. If you are also going, and want to meet up, have a beer, whatever, let me know. Otherwise, I'll post how it all went down and put up some pics when I get back. Take it easy, and hopefully you enjoyed the good weather we had today.

Friday, February 20, 2009

One Down, Many to Go! (FB Business Update)

Mike's frame is back from paint, and I think it turned out pretty sick. The white really brought out the details of the lugwork. It's all chased, faced, reamed, turned, and ready for parts. I should be getting those soon, and giving it a personal test ride before shipping this one out. Now on to the next one...

I figure I should also give an update as far as the progress of my business. I know some of you are interested in purchasing my frames, and I've been saying I'm not too far away from hanging the shingle - and I'm still planning on it. I appreciate any interest I've been getting, and I still have your info for when it comes time.

This past year has been pretty crazy for me. A broken collar bone, surgery, a couple good viruses, and trying to plan a wedding have definitely pushed back my schedule more than I wanted. But I do feel that I've been learning exponentially with every frame, and have been getting more efficient at building them. They are turning out more and more aligned, and so far I haven't had any complaints. As it stands right now, I've got four more 'buddy' frames to nail down my methods. After that, I feel like I will be more than ready to get a business license, and start listing some prices and options.

I have five people that have already contacted me, which I will contact to see if they are still interested. So, from this point, I potentially have a build list of 9 frames (possibly with forks). Working a day job of at least 40 hours a week, I've been able to get these done at ~2 months each. Some things have held me back, but things like not building a fork or not getting the bubonic plague should have me ahead of schedule. So being up front, if you're not already on any list, I'm looking at up to 18 months of being busy (possibly less). My aim is weather I'm ahead or behind of schedule, keeping people updated and informed. I'll contact you one to two frames out, so you have time to figure out what you want, and eat enough ramen to afford getting another bike. But, if you have any questions, and I haven't contacted you yet, feel free to shoot me a e-mail. Here's the next few on the list:

Justin - Awesome road bike of stiffness! (with fork)
Eddie - Cyclocross frame (unless you've changed your mind)
Matt - Possibly Cyclocross frame

Thursday, February 12, 2009

At It Again

Finally over this bug. And it only took two and a half weeks and a bottle of pills. Finished up Mike's frame and dropped it off for paint today. Only hitch in the project was somehow I messed up and put the front derailleur braze-on mount too low. Not sure how/why, but that's definitely a lesson learned. So a little extra time popping it off and re-brazing it at the correct height, and it's good to go.

Next up, Justin's road bike. A fillet brazed frame and a custom fork to make it handle nice, this one towards the lighter and definitely stiffer end of things. More pictures as they come in.

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