Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going to NAHBS

In case you haven't heard: This year (this weekend), NAHBS is coming to the mid west. While I'm not quite ready to get a booth, I will be attending to meet some of my favorite frame builders and suppliers face to face, and go to some of the seminars. If you are also going, and want to meet up, have a beer, whatever, let me know. Otherwise, I'll post how it all went down and put up some pics when I get back. Take it easy, and hopefully you enjoyed the good weather we had today.


Nico Toscani said...

Take A LOT of pictures Mr. Fellet. Oh yeah, I was not messing around when I commented a while back about getting a MTN bike instead of the Cross ride we spoke about. More to come on that, soon it will be time to discuss details.

"pents" is the word verification code I have to enter to finish my comment.

Casey Ryback said...

my verification code is "multube" which is what about 5 customers ask for each day when they come in with multiple flat tires.

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