Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen...

...And it finally did happen. I botched a tube. Not even just any tube, a true temper fancy heat treated seat tube with some custom carving and brazing, taking a good solid two days work, by yours truly. And it was a pretty simple way of botching it too. I drilled some holes in it. Nope, it wasn't messing up a miter that had to be spot on to keep the alignment. No, it wasn't messing up and using the wrong butted end, or not inspecting the tube to find where the butting was, or what way it curved. No, it wasn't mis-aligning the re-inforcing collar, or putting it too high or low to reinforce the top tube properly. No, I did all of that just right. I just drilled some perfectly centered, round, and spaced just right for a waterbottle cage holes exactly 180 deg from where I wanted them.

I guess I was pushing too hard, and trying to get too much, too quick. I measured exactly how high up the tube I was going to put the bosses, found my centerline, punched and drilled. And that's when I looked at the collar and noticed it was facing the wrong way. Skip one step and two days and a chunk of cash goes down the tubes (no pun intended).

So unless Justin wants a water bottle mount instead of a rear wheel... It's time to start over with the seat tube.

The miter for the fork dropouts.

The good news, is the fork is coming along nicely.

The fancy seat tube collar that looks like it won't see the light of day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gettin Things Done

Man it's been a long week. Things at the shop are picking up big time with the spring weather rolling in, and I've been pulling some late night work hours frame building. Probably not sustainable, but man I've been getting $h*# done lately. Did a little hand painting on Mike's frame to fill in the lug work. That turned out pretty sweet. And Justin's frame is coming right along as well. The chainstays are drop-outed and mitered for the BB shell, down tube is mitered and drilled for H2O bosses. I even mitered the bosses themselves, to sit more flush with the tubes. Sometimes, even I think I take things too far. The top tube is ready for head tube, and I've been working on something different for the seat tube, which is coming along nicely.

Of course, more pics on my Flikr Site

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh man...

It is really nice out! Worked from get up to the afternoon, then had to sneak away for a couple hours of saddle time. Oh it is nice to feel some miles in my legs again.

Even though it's a week later, NAHBS was great. Went to a bunch of seminars going over everything from metal tubing properties, to fitting, to insurance for a small guy like myself. Oh yea, and there were a couple cool looking bikes that happened to be there also. Everyone has been asking me what, or which one(s) are my favorites. That's like going to an international food fair and saying what was the best thing you put in your mouth. There were so many styles and flavors there; each one as cool as the last, in it's own right. I just liked to see the variety, and the attention to detail pertaining to the builders' own style. I tried to take some pictures, but I figure the photo journalism guys did a better job than I did.

and Here.

It was cool to meet some guys face to face, pick their brains, bounce ideas off of, and just hang out. Henry James had some great info and tips, and is just a plain nice guy to hang out with. I also meet up with an old aquantiance from Gainesville, FL. Lex of Villin Cycle Works. He's come a long way in the time I've known him, and definately knows his way around frames. A couple pics of something different he did for the show: (he's got his normal stuff on his website)

Aside from that, Justins bike is comming along. Been pretty buisy between nailing down exactly what we are doing with this one, and thing picking up at work. But, the plans are set, and miters are being made. Think it should be pretty sweet. Check in later, as I get more done.

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