Friday, March 14, 2008

DHL is Killing Me!

Well, I was going to have a good start on Hoffmeyer's frame before this weekend. That is before his tubes entered the black hole of DHL tracking. They're not exactly "lost", but somewhere between where they left California and here, they've been to Utah, Arizona, Utah again, Kansas, and supposedly they're in Missouri, on the way here. Normally, it takes two or maybe three days for my tubes to get here. But it's already been a week. It seems that just about every time I have to deal with DHL, something goes wrong.

A while back, when I was ordering my jig, it went out DHL. Because it was gong to arrive in a huge crate, I was going have it delivered to my house, figured out when that was going to be, and arranged to have the day off. It didn't come. I called to find out what happened, and they didn't know where the package was. After calling and calling, it turned up in the warehouse. Apparently it never got on the truck. So I arranged to have it dropped off when I would be able to be home. It didn't come. After calling, they said it didn't get on the truck again. A third day of this, and more phone calls eventually led them to discover that the package was a large one. That meant it was left at the warehouse so the truck drivers could fit and deliver all the other ones, then they would come back to deliver it. But by the time they had finished the first round, it was time to go home. Eventually, I had them deliver it to the shop I was working at, and borrowed a friends van to get it home. When the DHL guy was delivering it, he was amazed it had taken so long to get this thing delivered. Then he found the problem. (he says) The downtown DHL facility is (according to him) "horrible." If it went through the one he normally worked at, he would have had this to me a week ago. *sigh*

Sorry to rant and rave... but it's pretty sorry when there's this much confusion in a company. I know nobody is perfect, but when you do something for a living, it seems like you should actually do it. Hopefully Hoffmeyer's tubes will show up soon, and unscathed. And I will probably start stocking up at least one tube set ahead of time. That way when this happens again, I'll already have something to work on until things are sorted out.


TeamSeagal said...

Speaking of tubes, I hear that the internet is just that - a series of tubes.

-C. Ryback

Fellet Brazing said...

Hmmmm... maybe I could use some fancy tubes and weld up a faster one. Do you think oversized, or aero profile would be faster? On one hand, I've heard a round tube will be the stiffest. And stiff = fast. Then again, I hear most of your energy goes into breaking through the air, so maybe the aero. Oh, but I want it light weight too, that's a must! Man this internet stuff is complicated...

How To Ship said...

Sometimes when packages are not labeled correctly they wind up getting bounced back and forth from one shipping center to the next. You may want ask to speak to a station manager and ask him/her to physically pull the box off the ramp and have him check the address. I have done this in the past. You have to be very nice!!
Your Shipping Advisor

FelletBrazing said...

Thanks "how to ship," I already called, and they read the address back to me. Unless the sticker and what they have in the computer aren't the same. But the label usually gets printed out once you've entered it in the computer, so that doesn't seem the case.

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