Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to Work.

Well, I just finished up my first week at Big Shark, and I have to say I'm pretty happy so far. Most of the people seem pretty cool, and there's definitely some guys there that really know their stuff. So it will be cool to keep expanding and learning from them.

I haven't posted much this last week, as whenever I'm online lately, I've been doing the "SellingCycling" program for work. It's interesting. There's a couple good tips that I might not have thought of, and then there's some flat out corny stuff that I'd never tell a customer. Like when I show someone a bike, they seem to like it, but they want to look around because this is the first store they've been to. I'm supposed to say something along the lines of "What's in the way of you getting this bike right now?" Then, I'm supposed to fix whatever that is, and then ask again if they want to buy it today. Maybe that's what it takes to be a great salesman in numbers, but that's too pushy for me. But after talking to Mike, he just wanted the employees to learn the good tips, not become pushy. So that's good. Because sometimes, this guy is a bit much:

Aside from that, I've got Hoffmeyer's tubes inspected, marked, and am starting in with some miters. Once I've finished up this selling program, I'll have some more time to take pictures and post some of the build as it's going on.


Sandbox said...

I've seen bits of those videos before. I know there's got to be some useful stuff in there, but truthfully I'm glad I've never had to watch all of any one of them. Exactly how hard would have it been to put a frame in the background newer than 15 years old? Maybe then people would take it too seriously. You'll have to let me know your impressions of Brian from FL. And say hi to willbanks, farrell, and sometime soon mike troll for me.

TeamSeagal said...

Greg beat me to it - I was thinking that the Kona in the background was awesome too. Those cone wrenches look like they're the old silver park wrenches, not the newer black metal and blue vinyl ones.

What a ridiculous goatee.

FelletBrazing said...

Yea, that old frame and tools in the background gets me every video I watch. The only thing I could imagine is they wanted to relate to all sorts of shops. If they had some high end carbon frame, Zipp wheels, and the whole bit, a lot of shops would think all his tips were for totally different customers than the ones they deal with? But yea, it's still funny.

And it's a lip-T, geez get it right!

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