Sunday, March 9, 2008

Marc Makes My Frames Fast!

So after a few rides to dial in the components, work out bugs, and all other good stuff, Marc, Eddie, and I rode to Alton to give the new frame a final test before Marc's race. You can read the ride's review from the good guys at Team Seagal. Thanks to the guys letting me draft a good deal, I hung on and was able to watch Marc fly along for close to 80miles getting ready for his crit race he had today (the next day). How he does this is beyond me.

The race started out chilly, and didn't warm up much. Pretty quickly Marc (team of one today, racing for Concordia Seminary) and some guys from SLU strung out the pack pretty well. Here's Marc chasing down one of the SLU guys.

A three man breakaway was able to slip out. But here's Marc taking off the main group, looking back to see if these two guys could help form a chase group.

The chase group dropped one of it's riders as they closed in on the breakaway. Marc and this guy did a good job of working together. Eventually, the other guy was dropped as well.

Marc did a great job lurking on the back of what was now a four man lead group. He had a good position to draft, catch his breath (for a bit), and try to sprint for a podium. As the sprint got out of the saddle and really got ignited, a sudden stitch in his side kept the cursed forever domestique from getting the podium. But he did have a great race, secured a solid fourth, and said the bike worked awesome. So congrats man, you're the first rider of a Fellet Brazing frame to place in an official race.


Marc said...

Thanks Chris! I glad you could come to the race. The sorest part on my body today is where I got the side-ache, weird. The bike is exactly what I was hoping for!

Fellet Brazing said...

Glad I could come too; it was a great race. Textbook strategy! Just sucks about the stitch in your side. But, I'm stoked the frame's working out so well for you!

TeamSeagal said...

Man, those are some wrist-snapping shots!

-C. Ryback

Fellet Brazing said...

Thanks. Yea, this is the first time I've really done "action" shots. I'm hoping to get to more races and get a bit better at it. It was definitely a blast.

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