Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hoffmeyer's Tubes Are In!

That's right, they finally arrived! Intact, everything I ordered, and only five days late. And after all this, they just left it on the doorstep while it's raining. No doorbell, no knock... I wouldn't have even known they were here if I didn't go out the front door, on the way to work. I might have to build a bench/box for them to put packages in, as I'm not totally stoked about leaving hundreds of dollars of steel tubing on my porch all day... in the rain...

Anyway, I finally have something to do other than staring at fonts, and trying to get this down tube sticker looking good. (man, computer work is not for me) And with a couple (that's right, more than a single) days off coming up, it'll be time to get cracking! Oh, and Hoffmeyer, don't forget to drop off that fork sometime. Man I'm stoked to start building again.

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