Friday, March 21, 2008

River-Flood Trail

I figured I'd take a tour of the flooded river today. So, off I went for a nice (windy) ride to the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Bonus points if you know where (in the city) this is.

And hats off to you good sir. Looking east from Washington Ave. To the left is Eads Bridge. This statue is normally not under water.

Good luck finding parking in this town... (parking lot for Presidents Casino, north of Eads Bridge)

High water, looking from the Chain of Rocks Bridge. You can't even see the 'chain of rocks.' Below is the same view from when it's not flooded.

(from a few weeks ago) To the left you can see where the water gets rough. This is the normal sight of the 'chain of rocks.'

N Leonor K Sullivan Blvd (underwater), looking at Eads Bridge from the North, to the left is(was) parking.

Watch you step. (Arch on the left)


TeamSeagal said...

Not sure where those spots are - not used to seeing the Eads Bridge with that much water around it!

FelletBrazing said...

Just edited to describe the locations a bit more.

TeamSeagal said...

That is a bridge that cuts through forrest park to Lindell blvd.

FelletBrazing said...

Yea, I had never found that spot before. I must have ridden by a hundred times!

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