Sunday, March 16, 2008

Down Tube Stickers: (Input Wanted)

Well, I decided to not waste time sitting around until Hoffmeyer's tubes get here, and keep pushing forward. I've come up with some sticker ideas for the down tube. Here's the most promising so far. Like the head tube stickers, I'll have some white ones, and some black ones made. The white won't have an outline, that's just so you can see it on a white background. Anyone and everyone that has anything to say about the font, look, idea, whatever... I'd be happy to hear it. Good, bad, even if it reminds you of those fish tacos that didn't sit well last week, I want to know.


TeamSeagal said...

I really like the design. It is kinda Zeppelin/ACDC/Rock'N'Roll! I will be putting that on my down tube 4 sho.

Marc said...

I like

TeamSeagal said...

If I were you, I would make the font in a sort of customized "snapped-bone" font. Whatever you do though, don't let it mimic the stupid font that Independent Fabrications uses. blech.

-C. Ryback

p.s. - thanks for hosting mac and Cheese 2008

FelletBrazing said...

Thanks guys!

Yea... well if you make a "snapped-bone" sticker that says "Fellet Brazing," I'll make a bike for it. Hmmm, maybe a TeamSeagal special edition sticker for all you guys? But that's probably not going to be my M.O. You guys all ready have that one covered. And thanks for coming, that cook off was awesome! It took me the whole next day to process all that cheese!

Keep the comments coming :)

TeamSeagal said...

I'm still eating mac and cheese... even after i dropped a large chunk on my living room carpet.

Could you make some sort of a hinged extension that comes out of the top tube and somehow reaches out and snaps the wrist of the opponent directly next to me?

-C. Ryback

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