Monday, February 18, 2008

Wheel Building and Lasagna Eating

Last night Lt. Col. Austin Travis of Team Seagal hosted a lasagna cook-off. And I have to say, lasagna is about my favorite food. So the lady and I showed up with my family's recipe, only to go head to head with five different and amazing versions of this mana. A vegetarian version, a pork version, a spinach version, a cheesy version, and a sausage version. The winners: everyone who got to stuff themselves silly with these amazing dishes. Although Gino Fellino did eat the most - two servings of every variety. And Nico Toscani should get an honorable mention just because he held his down like a champ. (even after some strait moonshine, chased with 12oz of beer) I meant to get some pictures of the cook-off, but I never remember to get my camera out at social situations.

Today, Nico Toscani should be (may be?) breaking in his new wheelset I built him up. And just in case you can't tell by the pictures, yes, those are Chris King single speed disk hubs double butted up to Salsa Delgado Race rims. I have got to stop building nice wheelsets for people. Every time I get done, my own wheels look a little older, and a little less nice. But hey, they're still holding strong and true, so I need to quit my whining.

Now it's time to get some work on Marc's frame before I have to head into work.

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