Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Shark Just Got a Little Bigger

Well, it's official. I've accepted an offer from Big Shark to start working there mid march. The commute will be more like 5mi instead of the 15mi that I have now. I do have to admit, when the snow, ice, and slush have made things less than fun, I've wimped out and borrowed the ladies car. I'm not proud of this, and driving to work definitely doesn't do much for keeping me relaxed and happy. And, I think I'm just ready for something new. The shark handles some high end bikes/sales, so it will be interesting to learn more about dealing with that kind of customer/sale. I will also no longer be a store manager, or deal with the joys and hardships that go along with it.

I've put in my notice to The Touring Cyclist that I'll be leaving, and I've got myself a little down time between jobs so I can charge my batteries before charging into a new position. This will definitely go along way to get Marc's frame done in time for his first race of the season. I'll also be able to take care of the things that have been piling up around the house for months now. Hopefully, I can even sneak out for a camping trip before I get back to being so busy that something like that is next to impossible.


TeamSeagal said...

Congrats on the news...that is awesome.

Fellet Brazing said...

Thanks man!

TeamSeagal said...

I really liked that carbon Colnago in the stand up in the front of the store... that's right, the one with the Reynolds carbon tubular wheels and the full Campy Record. Tell you what, how about you throw in a kickstand and a handlebar mirror, and you've got a sale. And while we're at it, could I have a triple crankset installed? Now that I look at it, that cassette in the rear, do they make the Record full-titanium cassette in a 13-32 tooth?

Oh, sorry dude, I was just channeling a half-big-shark-half-TC customer for a minute.

-C. Ryback

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