Thursday, February 14, 2008

Smiling in the Cold

I got some work done on Marc's frame yesterday. The Dropouts are on the chainstays, and everything is filed smooth and pretty. I started on the miters for the BB shell, but without a fixture, it was going to be damn near impossible. So I started making one out of wood, but before I finished, I was getting wiped. So that's the next big step. And it will probably take a bit of time to get it right, but I'm hoping to work on it more than one day a week soon.

Aside from that, I had a great ride in today. Low to mid 20's when I left, but this time I wore the gear for it. I even had a bit of a tail wind, now and then. It was so nice, I figured out part of why I've had issues with my balaclava lately. If I smile, my cheeks push the fabric away from my face enough to get a bit of a draft near my eyes. I'm really going to have to work on that.

Oh yea, and happy Valentines day!

I've been thinking a lot about a career as a clothing mannequin lately.

1 comment:

TeamSeagal said...

Fellet that pic of you is priceless. I am now going to have nightmares of that helmet cover.
btw- bottom brackets taste GREAT!!!

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