Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day off at last!

As I sit here sipping my coffee, trying to wake up, I am once again reminded how people need more than one day off a week. It's been a long week at Bridgeton. There's so much to go through, sort, and organize to get to the point of being a well running shop. Mix that with a long commute and horrible weather, and it really takes it's toll. Although I do admit I've wimped out and borrowed the girlfriends' car a few times. Especially the day after my stupid cold ride. It was like someone blew out my pilot light. I'd get cold easier than normal, and it would take twice as long to get warm.

Anyhow, the week is up, and it's time to get some real work done. Marc's frame has been waiting patiently in the basement, wondering when it will be worked on again. And although there's a few things I have to do around the house, I am definitely getting some frame time in. Maybe this evening, when I'm too tired to get any good work done, I'll post some more pics of the progress.

I also wanted to thank my good buddies from "Team Seagal" for posting a link from their blog. I believe Mason Storm is next on the frame list, after I finish Marc's. Before I officially get my business license and sell these things, hard core riders like Mason will be punishing them to the brink of extinction. This is a guy who stripped out two track hubs just by pedaling so hard. He chews bottom brackets for breakfast. (don't ask how they taste) I figure if the frame can go head to head with guys like this, they're ready for action. Ok, time to file.

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TeamSeagal said...

Psssh... I could do that with my zippo lighter...

-Casey Ryback

Fellet Brazing said...

Dang... why did I spend so much on my torch setup?

TK said...

c'mon, thats skill! nice work.

Fellet Brazing said...


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