Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, new frame, new ride...

Happy New Years' to everyone out there. I hope 2009 treats you well. So far, I have to say this is a good one. I've already had my first (post clavicle fracture) mountain bike ride with my good friends of Team Seagal. It was a great ride, even though it will take me a bit to not freak out on fast loose rocks and roots. But I was just happy to have good company and be out on my mountain bike again at all. Also for this year, I've brazed everything but the seat stays for Mike's frame which will be the first of hopefully many more frames this year.

All the brazes came out pretty well, with just a couple minor globs to file smooth. Definitely improving with every frame. And I'm also happy to say that the main frame and chain stays came out about as aligned as a frame can be. No post braze alignment needed this time. Just need some seatstays, custom STI stops, finish work, and paint. Then she'll be ready to ship to her new home in Florida. Justin, it's time to start getting me the final details of your frame!

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TeamSeagal said...

You long-haired hippy - CUT THAT HAIR

C.F. Ryback

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