Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Off To Paint and Other News

Hoffmeyer's frame is off to get painted at Powder Coat Specialists up on Midland Blvd. Should be done Friday. I'm going to take a break from "the list" and whip up a couple projects for myself. A lugged-crown disc brake fork for Brownie. Then I can finally get her up and running again. And also a new hard tail mountain bike that I hope to race in the 12hour "Burning at the Bluff." This will be the first mountain bike frame I've done, so I figure I'll experiment on myself before putting someone else on one.

After that, it's back to the list with Mike - a buddy of mine from Florida. He's getting fitted and used to the setup right now, that way I'll have a good idea of what geometry he'll need. And if I remember right, he'll be wanting a lugged road frame. But the details can get ironed out as I'm getting my next projects done. Also, I just got word from Victory Circle Graphix that my down tube stickers should be getting finished this week. So I should be getting those sometime early(?) next week.


Nico Toscani said...

Loookin' good home-boy. Enter Nico onto that list for a slider equipped cross bike...SERIOUSLY!

Casey Ryback said...

dude, i can't WAIT to see the finished mtb product. you should build it ready to accept under-the-chainstay U-brakes, and include braze-ons for a rear-derailleur protection cage like on walmart bikes.

i am full of ideas.

FelletBrazing said...

Thanks guys!

Nico - You're already on the list. Those slider dropouts do cost extra though.

Casey - Now you're talking. All that extra money to develop the new Shimano Shadow rear deraileur to shave off a bit of profile... they're moving in the wrong direction. Just go back to the simplicity of a protection cage! Brilliant! Or even better, I'll just make the frame form into an integrated bash guard. Oh wait, you were joking... yea yea, me too!

Marc said...

Make sure you get pics up right away. I can't wait to see it!

p.s. Chris I still have your sleeping bag, which is stupid, I live 3 blocks away. I'm dropping it off this weekend. Let me know what time works best.

eddie has a mustache!!

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