Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I haven't been posting too much lately. It feels like things have been kinda crawling along. My miters are definitely getting better. But they don't seem to be getting much quicker. It's fine for now, as this is still part time. But if I ever hope to make a full time living at this, I'll have to get faster. Part of it, I know, is me just being a perfectionist. I could definitely whip up some quick (and probably good enough) miters if I just went at it. But something about the way I work won't allow anything less than totally dialed. I suppose that's a good thing in many ways, but that does mean there's more practice to be done before I can do this at any reasonable speed.

I've finished the miters for the front triangle, so that's ready to go. And I've made good headway on the chain stay miters also. I'm hoping when I get my days off later this week, I'll be able to finish those up, and braze the whole thing together. After that, it's getting the seat stays mitered & brazed, the stay/brake bridges, a few other touches, some prep, and she'll be ready to send off for paint.


Marc said...

looking good! You are getting quicker all around.

FelletBrazing said...

I think it's more of actually having two days off per week (woo hoo!) to get some work done, than getting quicker. But maybe it just feels that way.
I should start timing my miters to know for sure. Or... not discourage myself with a number staring me in the face with how much time I would either need to charge for, or save, to be able to make a buck.

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