Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Endurance Race Report

The race has begun, and it's a long one. I'm one week in, and it will be a good number of weeks to go. The race to getting my life back to what it was.

Tuesday 9-30 5:30am:

I woke up to go into surgery, wearing the required "loose fitting and comfortable clothes." Style!

Surgery was running late from "equipment malfunctions," and I didn't get into surgery until noon. So Melissae and I spent the morning watching King Pin and reality shows on hospital cable. (as I got overly hydrated with my IV drip) Finally go into the surgery room, and I remember seeing the bright lights and the doctors going over their cutting equipment one more time. My wheeled bed didn't even come to a stop, and then I'm waking up in a different room with bandages and an icepack. Guess things went well.

I ended up having a bad reaction to the anesthesia, so the rest of the day was spent making sure I was ok to go home. I won't go into details, but nausea and a catheter aren't fun even when you're on Percocet. Speaking of which, that stuff is pretty fun. Here's me having a wild ride:

The next couple days were 4 hour intervals between pills and naps. But after that, I feel a little less pain, and a little more mobility every day. They had to cut away the stuff that had started to attempt to heal the two bones together, in order to re-position them for the plate and screws. So I'm pretty much starting over with the bone healing part. But I already feel 10 times better than before. I don't have that floating disconnected shoulder feeling anymore. My bandage comes off this Thursday, and I'll know more after that.

Take care, and if you're going to Burnin' At the Bluff, do an extra lap for me. I want to hear all about it.


Sandbox/Gino said...

Just read about you having to get surgery, sorry to see that's what had to be done. Glad though that it looks like progress is finally being made on your healing and your doing well after the surgery.

About that extra lap at burnin, do I have to do a real lap or can I just use that extra lap I get credit for every year as my "chris fellet shop gnome 2008 broken collarbone while riding the little kid wheels memorial burnin at the bluff lap"?

Mason Storm said...

I owe you $$$ still homey, and I feel really bad. I am cooking dinner for you and the Mrs. I will take orders and bring it by the Fellet household anytime with your cash. Let me know what you may want. Get well, and I will drink an extra 6pack for you in place of a extra lap.

Marc said...

Sorry about the nausea and catheter:(
On the plus side, screws on the inside of your body are awesorme! I have some and they give me the willies when I scrap 'em against stuff. You may even set off airport metal detectors!

Casey Ryback said...

Ministor is right - teh screws are awesorme!

In your second picture, the hospital gown says "I'm injured" while the sideburns say "I'm about to injure YOU"

FelletBrazing said...

Thanks guys. Glad to have friendly support.

As far as laps go, I was planning on doing 7. So between the lot of ya, there needs to be seven extra laps happening! Or seven extra six packs. (I'm holding you to that Mason!)

Good luck to all going, and hope to hear all about it when you're back.

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