Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pictures From Ivan in St. Louis

Finally getting around to putting up the pictures from last Sunday. We woke up to find that just about any low spot around town had flooded during the night. And it was still raining...

This was the end of our street. The cars on the right had been parallel parked during the night.

This is a different view of the same street. Beyond this is normally a large field and a dog park.

This is another street in our neighborhood. The two cars in in the background had tried to make it out of the flood, only to stall and be stuck there waiting.

Yet, later that day, the Tour Of Missouri finished it's last (slightly shortened) stage (due to flooding) in downtown St. Louis.

In other news, it's been about three weeks, and I still haven't attached my two pieces of clavicle. Starting to think I should have just gone and had surgery...


Casey Ryback said...

WOW... just, wow. How close did it get to your house?

TeamSeagal said...

Can't say I am too sad to be out of the neighborhood after seeing those pictures. Did you guys stay dry?

FelletBrazing said...

Yea, we stayed high and dry. But the water was getting less than a block away. If it had still been raining hard, we would have worried. But by the time we found out about the flooding, the main part of the storm was mostly passed through.

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