Thursday, September 25, 2008

And after 4 weeks....

I'm still broken. That made me more surprised than this panda. Aside from it still hurting, and clunking around in there, I'd never have known. But thanks to modern technology, I can know that it is, in fact, still broken. Along with that, the inner part is pointing more upwards than it used to, and there is no new bone development. The good news is that doc says I no longer have to be in a sling... or anything for that matter. (?!?!?) And he says I still don't need surgery. I'll just be malformed, and should see him in another few weeks. So no improvement, looks worse than before, but it's all good. After hearing him brag about only having to do surgery a few times his whole career, I made an appointment to get a second opinion.

Here's my fancy new x-ray from today's informative meeting.
(I outlined the bone ends as best I could figure out)


Mikey G. said...

Damn dude! Get that second opinion right away man! Hope you mend up soon.

Mike G.

Marc said...

that's poop

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