Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prolonged Update...

So I haven't posted in a good while. While I have made some progress on Justin's frame, I've kept more busy with planning a wedding than I had imagined. This Sunday is the day, so things around here have been pretty hectic. Really not all that horrible, but it has most definitely eaten up most of my free time. I'll get some pictures of the progress up as soon as I can, but I just wanted to say I'm not dead, or have quit what I'm doing. And I may be busy for a bit more, as we're going to Germany after the wedding.

But once things settle back down to normal, I'm looking forward to tearing into things again. All Justin's frame needs from here is the brake bridge and final cutting of the seat binder slot. Then it's off to paint, and time to ship it out. Then it's time to start on the next project: A 650b specific mountain bike with custom suspension corrected steel disc fork, able to be swapped out at will with his suspension version. I'm actually kind of jealous, as I've wanted to make one of these for myself. I just haven't had the time or funds to do so. Maybe if he's nice, I can take it for a test ride ;)

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