Friday, July 11, 2008

I've run out of hot air!

Official Address to The Nation (of people that keep up with what I'm up to) :

Progress has been forward moving, but frames are not going through the rapid growth that they once were. I fear that we have grown accustomed to growth at an unsustainable rate, and now things are cooling off. Of course we won't know for sure until we have already gone through three frame cycles (or cycle frames), at which point we may find that we have gone through a frame building recession. Hopefully, if we put our heads down and push through, we will make it out the other side without too many losses.

As far as the current frame cycle is concerned: All the miters for the main triangle (compound miter included) are finished up. Water bottle bosses are drilled, cleaned up, and brazed in. Melissae even pitched in to do the torch work on them! The chain stays were mitered and brazed to the dropouts, and their other miter for the bottom bracket are getting close.

But all this progress came at the cost of running my oxygen and acetylene tanks dry. Raising (oxy-acet.) gas prices, the falling US dollar, and using my credit to make large purchases lately (diamond rings) have left the FelletBrazing Co. on hard times. Rumor about the government stepping in to subsidize or even take over FelletBrazing has been spreading, but by the time something of that magnitude were to occur, serious drops in production would occur. If this were to happen, a stagflation could arise.

Therefore, my good friend Brian and I got together to come up with a stimulus package to keep this small business economy on track. He had some air left over in his tanks that he wasn't going to use. So while it may not be as much air as if I were to fill my tanks full, I hope that it will stimulate an increase in production, giving a much needed boost. Some debate this as a temporary solution to a greater problem. However, we must do anything that can be done to help the growth of this frame building economy. God willing, we will make it through these hard times and rise again!

(check out the new build pictures here)


Mason Storm said...

I think you should add a donation link to your us over at the Seagal headquarters, but I think people might actually throw you a though...not very likely hahahaha! The Mtn bike looks dope!

TeamSeagal said...

Maybe the UN should intervene and send some peacekeeping troops to the FelletBrazing headquarters in order to keep the ensuing riots in check...

-C. Ryback

On second though, no... riots are cool. Mainly because they bring riot police.

FelletBrazing said...

Thanks Mason. I don't take handouts too well though. I just have to keep on keeping on until I get to the point that I have something I'd be proud of selling.

Casey, I'd be happy if just one dude showed up on my front lawn with a sign, and then a cop had to be sent in to handle things. They could just stand on either side of the sidewalk yelling back and forth. Oh man...

Anne said...

Your girlfriend knows how to braze? That kicks ass.

Marc said...

Is it a handout if a frame was already made for me? Especially with said depleted gas?

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