Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Project: Marc's Bike

Now that I'm back from vacation, it's time to dig my teeth into the next project: a road-criterium frame. He already had a pretty good fit on his last frame - which was destroyed in a crash - but a few tweaks should make it more than a "good" fit. The tubes came in before I left (Dedacciai COM 12.5 - Oversized), and I was able to get the seat tube joined to the bottom bracket shell. I also got a few miters ready for the next step: the main triangle. This frame I'm joining the tubes by fillet brazing. (Yes, that's why I use my last name for my bikes. It's quite the clever play on words. So clever, in fact, it needs this explanation just so you can wrap your mind around such a complex association. Fillet - Fellet... genius) So anyhow, I'll get some more practice with that. It will be slow goings with working between shifts at my "real job" (bicycle shop manager), but I'm hoping to get it done before things thaw out here in STL. Plus, I'm still getting used to using the new frame jig, but so far, I have to say I like it a lot. So I just have to turn this:

Into this:

...well sorta

I also got a few toys for Christmas, that I'm looking forward to trying out. The first is a stem jig, so I can start making custom of any length/angle. I'll be busy trying to get Mark's frame done, so he'll get off my back, but as soon as I get the chance, I'll be making one for both my road bikes. That way I don't have to use a dreaded shim. (just because I don't have a 1-1/8" steer tube on my forks apparently makes me completely out of date)

The second is a pair of winter riding shoes. Last winter I had darn cold toes on many of my commutes, and a little frost bite the days when it got single digit on me. I figured it would be worth keeping my toes, and giving me one less excuse to even be tempted to borrow the lady's car one cold morning. I have the 2007 version, but as cool as the '08 version is, it doesn't seem like they made it any warmer. So far, I have to say these things are Soooooo... much better than what I was using last winter. (some road shoes with covers) That's obvious. But so far, with some wool socks, I've kept my toes toasty on long rides well into the 20's. (I've ridden in the single digits with good luck, but they were also short rides, so I can't say for sure.)

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